Monday, January 20, 2014

Cześć Rodzino
This week felt a little longer then what I was used to, but still a great week here in Polish Zion. It was my first full week in the new area, and it's been easy to get used to it since I was already in the branch and since I have been on a million exchanges with Bokinsky here and with Vernon. We are in the finding stages which thats how it was last transfer, and really my whole mission. This mission is really cool because we get what i like to call two on one time. Me and the lord vs the world of course got my compaion. But when your contacitng 8 hours a day you really start to feel doubts and really it gets hard but luckly we can pray and understand that its worth it. I Have seen the lords hand in this work not only in the miracles like Robert in Bydgoszcz or Łukasz in Gdańsk. But Sometimes its something funny. For example we have the funniest man in Poland as a member her in Katowice. His name is Paweł which translates to Paul. He had a sickness when he was little which made it so his voice is still as high as a kite. But he is so cool and yeah a good member. But he likes studing with J DUBS because he loves talking and they listen but is al ittle stubborn on both ends wont progress in their church becasuse he knows ours is true but wont stop meeting with them because its fun he says.But he taught FHE on monday and lets just say it was so funny. He was explaining how we need to lord to hold us up. comparing us to a cup and the lord to his hand. We all didnt really get it but continuted to listen he then drops the cup but doesnt break. He goes red grabs another and and is about to throw it and we are like wow dude stop! and he is like i am going to and we are like stop and Elder Anderson is like do it! and well sure enough throws it on the ground to prove his point that the lord is our hand. But you have to picture this in a high pictched voice. so funny. But then on Tuesday we went to Kraków and had zone training. It was so good but the best part is i go into the chapel and i get this big ol greeting from Elders Raines and Żeleźniak. Those two are studs. Its crazy thinking that we are the old missionaries now. But yeah that was a little tender mercy to have them do that. Its always good talking to them because we are similar and yeah they will be my good friends for life. To bad that Żeleźniak lives in Austraillia. NOthing to much wednesday talk to some really nice people and it was a peaceful day. Thursday was cool we are at the Urząd for Elder Andersons legal work and the sisters are there too and in Poland your land lord helps you do it, and theirs is a women who was an investigator but comes to all the activities but church. She sees me and looks at me and goes...MIKOŁYSKI?? I laugh and go no that was my companion. But she goes oh i thought you looked familiar. So yeah lot more people remember me in the city then i thought. Then Friday. what a hard day. but still not enough to wine but it was long and no one really listend and it was one of those days where i wasnt to happy, so that didnt help. Saturday we went and had pizza with Adrain ( Yes Tim be jealous) but it was cool. Love being aroudn him he is a stud, but really short i noticed so everyone hold on to your phones or laptaps i think i am getting taller. not sure but you all can jusdge this summer...ouch yeah lets not think about that right now. But the coolest thing happend on saturday night. We decieded to do a fast as a district. for the less actives in our branch. I have the oppurtunity to work with the Brothers. they are gyspsys and are way cool but are way less active right now. when i was first here they were coming i even went to one of thier weddings. but now they are not doing so good. like the last missionaries had no contacit with them. so i feel impressed to text the oldest one and say hey not sure if you remember me but i was here a year ago and yeah he calls me and was like whats up harris you here on exhange? i told him all transfers and he was excited. said he would be in church so we can set up a meeting ( didnt come ) but still was coolt o talk with him and have him remember me. Makes me think about the savior and how sometimes we feel as if he has forgotten us but realy he hasnt, he is always aware and loves us. I am so blessed and love you all and love this work. be safe you all remember who you are, he is ready to talk to you when you are.
Elder Harris

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