Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dear Family,
Crazy crazy week. Am not a big fan of trains so it was lame having to get on one this week. I can start the week off going in order. But first want to say sorry but forgot my camera cord so no pictures this week, so sorry! But will send a bunch next week. So to start off the week, was invited to dinner at President Edgrens house for Elder Tiners last night. He is going home alone so president aloud him to invite missionaries to dinner, so he picked me. Side note, Elder Tiner my entire mission has really been a mission that i knew about, and looked up to. Elder Myler czyli Married man Darek Myler always talked good about him, and told me we would get a long. come to find out that tiner is an athletic little man, who is a spiritual giant. He is honestly the nicer half of me, i am sure we were twins in the pre earth life, but dont quote me on that. But never really got to serve with him or really around him unitl, my last transfer as zone leader. He opened up a new area right by mine and we started doing white boards playing basketball on pdays together and really just seeing who can say the dumbest thing in polish to people, of course being appropriate. And we had fun. His example really has affected me my entire mission, and finally got to serve around him. Last transfer i left to warsaw 2 and he stayed but still played ball and talked. That elder really did change my life so any girl looking to get married who is ready this...His name is Austin Lawrence Tiner. Look him up on Facebook. He is 5 foot 8 and goes to BYU. Just sayin. But yeah so dinner was really good, spiritual. and boy did it hit me how fast time flys. I got home in less then 6 months....Strzelaj mnie! He will do good at home though. Then on Tuesday we had a full day. A couple members wanted to say goodbye so that night we went and said bye and it was sad. I was only there for 2 months, but hey the gospel is true. It was the hardest saying bye to Oskar though. He came over to the chapel to say bye. I was blessed to have stayed in warsaw but now i cant meet with him. He will always stay strong though and is a testimony builder that there are some young peole in this country ready for the gospel. also since wednesday was Elder Hubbards Bday, we went to a restaruant called Jeffs. Second best ribs in the world besides yours dad. but only 13 dollars for a plate with corn on the cob, cole slaw, and fries. So that was fun. Then wednesday so since i am talking about wednesday i can say happy birthday Aja Baby! but it was leaving day. It hit me again i say good bye to Elder Jesperson and Stumpf who are heading to Lublin, well see you jespersen in 6 months maybe and stumpf talk to you on facebook. we are all in different zones so not sure if i will see some of these missionaries again. But then Elder Allen got off the train and was able to see him so that was cool to see him again. Got a "family Pic" then said bye to HUbba bubba. That was hard. Got really close with him, so it was hard to i guess say good bye it was one of those Dumb and Dumber moments. I hate good byes. but he will do good. Then off to Sosnowiec. This is the city where i would wear my raider stuff and fit in. its the ghetto of Poland. Its crazy how different Katowice has changed since i was hear a year ago. Sosnowiec is where i live, but the branch is in Katowice fyi. But i was so excited to be here. I am with Elder Anderson who i already knew a little becasue he was in my district 2 transfers ago and we went on an exchange. so i am really excited. On satruday the Zone Leaders Elder Lanham and Caskey had a baptize of a lady named Sylwia. I guess she was found by Sister Packard and her companion a little under a year ago and has been in church every sunday and everything that a member would do, but was willing to get baptized. Called Elder Lanaham and she was like i am ready, will you baptize me. So boom, miracle. So that was really cool. I was so excited to see Adrian and talk to him in Polish, truley the gift of tongues is real, all spritiual gifts are real. Sunday i was able to talk to the members and they remembered me. Gosia a member here was impressed on how much i speak becasue a eyar ago i spoke only english to her, she was one of my favoirtes in this branch but is moving to isreal for work. But i honeslty feel so blessed to be here. Me and Elder Anderson had a sit down lesson in someones hosue on thursday and the spirit was strong, we taught good togehter. His name is Robert pray for him. he is waiting on an answer from God. then this morning with a guy named Marcin who isnt interested anymore but the spirit was there and waws talking to him, he chose not to listen but it spoke to me saying that what i said is true. I am grateful for this country. I have really found myselft here, really understand me. I love this gospel and this country l love you all. Be safe the church is true. Would love to hear from more of you. but anyways love you all, got to go elder anderson has been teaching me how to play ukalele.
Elder Harris

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