Monday, January 6, 2014

Dear Family,
Wow time flys...dont really know what to do with myself. This transfer straight up flew! Well i am getting transfered out of Warsaw. I made it out a live. but I am heading back to an old city, I am going to Katowice, but this time i will be in the DL apartment so i will be in a city just outside of it called Sosnowiec. I will be with Elder Anderson who was up here in warsaw when i was with Stumpf. We went on exchange and it should be fun, i am way excited. He is a stud and works really hard, and he will be my size, or shorter for the first time in my mission. Dang never thought that would happen. But yes i am sad to leave my little hubba bubba but he will do good...funny thing is Elder Allen is coming to be his comp. Haha both my little boys in one apartment. Cool huh? But anyways this week was really good like usual. Monday through Wednesday i was on exchange with Elder Blom, and we spent the new year together playing risk. never played it before but i learned in Polish and its actually really really fun. But nothing to great went down we found a really cool guy named Piotr, we talked and really the duch czyli spirit hit him and he accepted a book and exchanged numbers. I feel like this entire transfer has been just planting seeds but none the less rewarding. I love talking to people its the best when they allow me to teach them. Saturday was a good one though. We had a baptizem in warsaw 1 so we got to go again. Elder Stumpf and Brown taught him. His name is stanislaw. But the coolest thing was on saturday i got a call from Sławek in our branch the one who we played rugby with and his son is getting really into rugby and has been asking to play again. also he is not baptized and has been asking those kinda questions. so we got permission to teach him. to bad i wont be here but elder allen and hubbard will get it done! But sunday was a good sunday didnt think it would be my last one but hey it happens. Prezydent did our calls that night and we talked and he told me that sister Edgren is upset that he is transfering me out of more cookies :( but i am so blessed to have a mission mom and prezydent like i do. Really this work is going foreward. I am low on time but i love you all, have a great new year create goals and achieve them. I love you and the lord loves you all!

Elder Harris

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