Monday, January 20, 2014


 Shawn and Michal a recent convert in Warsaw 2 
 Elder Tiner dinner with some missionaries before he left for home
 Shawn and Elder Tiner
 Elder Futo and Shawn.
 Oskar and Shawn before he left
 Shawn and the Warsaw 2 Branch Presideny. Elder Jenson, Elder Wojtek and a absoulte stud. A recent convert and Brat Netto, he is from mozambik, but speaks fluent English. Great guy!
 Shawn and Tadeusz a recent convert who he has  gotten really close with
  Shawn and Marcin. One of his favorite members in Poland, super funny! Always made us a feast when he would go over.
 Shawn and his boys. Elder Allen and Elder Hubbard. 
Shawn and Elder Hubbard

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